Editor's Note
ISSUE NO. 1 -- January 2004

"What is ZROT?" you might ask. It means Z-plane rotation; ZROT is a mathematical subroutine used in 3D modelling software:

zrot applies a plane rotation, where the cos (c) is real and the sin (s) is complex, and the vectors cx and cy are complex.

Nope... that's not our definition. We are ZROT i.e. Z-rot, as in Z-rotten. This is not a bad thing, it's good. Good like a compost box. We are the last (hence the letter Z) compost box on the Internet. It's where ideas, big and small, are continuously added to the mishmash heap. Then through numerous organic processes, this heap is broken down into a rich, sweet, earthy smelling humus. This humus is extremely usefully to cultivate and grow new ideas. An endless process of "idea" recycling and creation. This is what ZROT is... we are the intellectual compost box of the Internet; and proud of it! Our focus is on the Internet world; however we often like to blur into any subject that gets tossed on to the heap. Let It Rot!

Featured Photo
The Humble VW Beetle.

I love this photo because it reminds me of that beautiful spring day when I took her out for a ride.

Spring Bug

It's a good memory considering we are sittin' smack dab in the middle of winter. I am an avid VW Beetle enthusiast i.e. the classic bugs. This very original 1956 coral red Bug is my baby. It is a piece of automotive history, and is truly a time machine capable of transporting its driver back in time to 1956. More photos of this Bug and other fun can be found at VWbug.com, another website creation brought to you by ZRON.

Featured Article
Orthophotography and Fish Boils

Door County, Wisconsin is a favorite vacation destination for many folks. I personally love this place... the beautiful rustic landscapes, rugged shorelines, old farms, cherry orchards, quaint little towns and, of course, fish boils... hmmm yes, fish boils! I enjoyed many autumn vacations exploring this peninsula, and I plan to go back soon.

Door County

I happened find a very interesting website regarding Door County... a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map server. Door County contracted the US Army Corp of Engineers for the Fly-Over Project to acquire high-end digital orthophotography of the entire county. These aerial photographs are distortion corrected, stitched, and overlayed with real estate, contour, and other information. The level of detail is simply outstanding. You need a high bandwidth connection, a fast PC with a large monitor to fully enjoy the experience; but it's very cool. Check it out»

"Creativity requires the willingness and ability to declassify and restructure information and experience."
— Philip Calo Paratore
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